​Titan tankless water heater N-160 SCR-3 

​​​Stiebel-Eltron Tempra tankless water heaters

Tempra® is manufactured by Stiebel Eltron, a pioneer and leader in tankless water heating technology for over 90 years. Advanced technology, impressive energy-saving performance, and a compact design are only a few of the reasons to consider a Tempra® tankless water heater.  

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Tempra sizing guide:


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Stiebel-Eltron tankless water heater DHC-E 

N-2705.0 GPM#6x224060Ax260Ax2 

Titan tankless water heater SCR-2  series

​​​​​​Titan Tankless Water heaters

Over the last 30 years, Niagara Industries, Inc. has emerged as the predominant builders of electronic tankless water heaters  and has been instrumental in the advancement of tankless water heater design and technology in the industry. Niagara Industries initial designs have become the standard by which many other tankless water heaters are built. Niagara Industries Inc. is the only company to maintain a fully staffed multilingual application center as well as a customization department for all special needs. All this combined has placed Niagara Industries, Inc. at the forefront of this technology as an example of industry standards.

Titan water heater use, care manual and installation instructions:


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N-853.0 GPM# 82203840 A

Titan tankless water heater SCR-4  series

N-1604.5 GPM# 6 2406670 A

DHC-E Single or Multi-Point-of Use Tankless Electric Water heaters

The new DHC-E is a powerful, flexible, point-of-use water heating solution. The mighty DHC-E 12 offers high 12 kW output, in an affordable, compact package. Great for that kitchen sink at the end of a long pipe run, or for multiple low-flow sinks in a commercial application.

The DHC-E 8/10 is actually two models in one - it has the added advantage of selectable power output of 7.2 kW (Stage 1) or 9.6 kW (Stage 2) during installation via a jumper.

DHC-E can deliver hot water to a single sink, multiple sinks, or in certain conditions, low-flow showerheads. Click the map for the full Sizing Guide:


DHC-E  Sizing  guide:


​​​​​​We  carry  the  best  two brands of tankless water heaters :

T I T A N     and    S T I E B E L-  E L T R O N.

​Stiebel-Eltron tankless water heater Tempra

N-1204.0 GPM# 62205460 A

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N120s4.0  GPM# 62205460 A

Titan tankless water heater  N-120 S   SCR-2.     New model   !

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N-1003.5 GPM# 62204950 A
N-1805.0 GPM#8x224075AX240Ax2 
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N-2105.0 GPM#6x224088AX250Ax2