Titan Tankless Water Heater , Titan Tankless water heater Common questions


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What are the electrical requirements for the heaters?
The Titan SCR2 N-120, which is the most popular and largest selling unit draws a maximum of 54 amps. It will consume a maximum of 54 amps at peak power output, only as necessary. This unit would perform optimally with the use of a 60 amp breaker, and a #6 AWG wire gauge. The more powerful SCR-5 line will require a simple two breaker set up.

Is the Titan difficult to install?
Due to its electrical nature, it is recommended you hire a professional to install your Titan heater. The Titan comes with an installation guide. The installation is generally straight-forward and can be completed without incident by the installer. The guide has information that will be necessary during installation.

Where can the unit be installed?
The Titan can be installed almost anywhere indoors and requires NO VENTING. Generally, the units are be installed right where your old tank heater used to be. A minimum of 12" clearance must exist from the top of the unit to the ceiling, and from the bottom of the unit to the floor. It is not recommended to be installed outdoors unless the units are housed in some form of protective cover. As with all electric appliances, your Titan tankless water heater is designed to operate indoors, and must be protected from rain and weather elements. Can the Titan be used with plastic or PVC pipe? Yes, the Titan can be used with, PVC, PVX or any similar tubing material and perform well. The only requirement is that you use approximately 36 inches of copper tubing at the inlet and outlet to act as a buffer between the tankless heater and your plastic tubing.

Can the Titan be used if I have hard/mineral or well water?
Yes, the Titan units are extremely resistant to hard/mineral water. The unit is designed with Incoloy heating elements are housed inside rugged copper/brass chambers. The use of Incoloy elements makes the tankless water heaters durable and resistant to mineral deposits and hard water build up. Incoloy is an industrial-grade nickel-chromium heat-resistant alloy. This alloy provides an exceptional level of high-temperature corrosion resistance in oxidation, sulfidation, carburization and nitridation environments. In addition to thermal stability characteristics required to prevent thermal distortion and embrittlement, it exhibits excellent stress-rupture strengths. These characteristics, along with a high resistance to carburization and cyclic oxidation, make this alloy the material of choice for many severe applications. The Titan works with well-water systems. Pressure variations under 20 PSI are generally tolerated by the units. The pump pressure gauge should not vary more than 20 PSI or it could impair the Titans performance. The Titan is designed to operate in the range of 5-120 PSI. The Titans are designed to operate within a range of 5-150 PSI. It is recommended that your pump is set to run at 60- 80 PSI. If you don't already have one, a backflow preventer is considered a must.

What if I live in a colder climate or my incoming water is cold?
Generally, if you live in the Northern part of the USA Or Canada a two unit parallel installation is recommended but not a necessity. You have to review the specs on the unit and compare it to your average incoming water table.
 What are the required amperage and voltage and maximum Kilowatts?

Is it single phase or three phrases? Single

Is it UL approved?
Yes, compliance # 499

Does it meet ANSI standards?
Yes, ANZI-Z, 10.03.

What is the warranty?
Ten years on the casing; One Year on components.

What is the expected life of the unit?
Approximately 15-20 years

Is it safe for children?
Yes, infinitely safer than conventional hot water tank systems. There is no tank with pressure to create a potential explosion, no flames, and it will not engage from leaking faucets.

Will it give off any radiation?

What's the chance of it exploding?
There is no tank with pressure to create a potential explosion.

What's the energy savings?
Approximately 60% of the water heating cost against a conventional heater.

What's the weight of the unit?
Ten Pounds.

What are the measurements of the unit?
H 10" x W 7" x D 2.75"

What are the measurements of the box for shipping?
H 12" x W 9" x D 4.75"

How many gallons of hot water per minute will it produce? What is the temperature of the water?
The power mode control can be adjusted to increase or decrease water temperature.

How long does the water take to get hot enough to take a shower?
The water passing through the heater gets hot instantly. The time will be determined by the distance the water must travel. (Ex. If the unit is 20 feet from the point of use, the water in the pipe between the unit and the point of use must be removed first so it would get there approx. 20 seconds after the water is turned on, but after that you will enjoy endless hot water, even if Mom starts the washing machine, Dad decides to soak in the tub, and Sis needs to wash her hair.

What size is the inlet?

What size is the outlet?

Can a traditional heater be replaced with a tankless heater with no additional plumbing or electrical work?
The plumbing requires one line in from the main and one line out to the house (same as a conventional water heater). If the existing electrical outlet matches the required voltage and amperage (220 volts), no additional electrical work needs to be done. Always check with a qualified, professional electrician.

Why should I buy the tankless water heater over the conventional water heater?
60% saving on energy for heating water (Heating water accounts for 25% of the average household's energy bill), saving on space, easy to install, no vent required, no points or moving parts, all copper and brass inside, no tank to rupture to cause flooding, will not engage to dripping faucet, heats water only when needed, unlimited supply of hot water, shielded Incoloy heating elements for reliability and long life, no pressure in tank to risk potential explosion, economical cost, dual micro temp thermal fuse protection.

Who can install this for me?
Any plumber can install this unit as it is easier and less cumbersome to install than a conventional water heater. A licensed electrician is needed if there is no existing 220-volt outlet.

Is this unit reliable?
Extremely reliable and easy & economical to maintain.

Is there a limit as to how long it will produce hot water at one time?
No, it will produce unlimited water at a consistent rate.

Is it energy efficient?
It is 99.5% energy efficient.

What actually heats the water?
A state-of-the-art shielded Incoloy heating element.

Where is it manufactured?
The unit is made in the USA.

If my faucet has a leak, will that cause the water heater to activate?
No, it would not.

Does it come with installation instructions?

What is a Linear Electronic Temperature Control?
It's the component that controls the temperature of the hot water and is how you adjust your hot water output temperature.

How resistant is the unit to hard water?
Very resistant. Brass casing and copper & brass inside.

Are there any flames or fumes to pose risks?

Does it need an exterior vent like traditional water heaters?
No venting is necessary as required by conventional tank water heaters.

What is the "shielded Incoloy element"?
This is the latest innovation for high-technological components which heats the water instantaneously.

What are the applications where this water heater can be used?
Houses, Apartments, Condominiums, Hospitals, Boats, Beauty Salons, Laboratories, Campers, Offices, Hospitals, Restaurants, Factories, Schools, anywhere hot water is needed.